Ohio Bobcats' Time Is Now

Ohio, now is your time to shine. 2012 is the year of the Bobcats in the State of Ohio and Mid-American Conference. This past weekend Ohio went into Beaver Stadium and stunned the Penn State Nittany Lions 24-14. To those whom follow Ohio constantly as a fan, alumni, or otherwise weren't surprised by this. I was. I don't follow Ohio, in fact all the talk about Ohio in the past few weeks has been about what to call them. For the record, they don't like being called Ohio U.  Even their media guide puts that request front and center on its first page. Ohio University is widely known for its excellent journalism school and its ability to party like few other college campuses. Those times have changed, Ohio University is becoming Ohio's other collegiate sports option to Ohio State.

Ohio State isn't eligible for the post-season this year because of its recent NCAA violations, but Ohio is - and this is the year for them to take advantage of the spotlight. The Bobcats need to take advantage of this situation to remind their nearby Ohio State neighbors, and the rest of the country, which school was in Ohio first. Ohio received a gift from the scheduling gods and won't have to face Toledo or Northern Illinois until the conference championship game. The East division this year is, well, atrocious to put it nicely. Their next test comes against non-conference opponent Marshall on September 15th. After that, assuming there are no crippling injuries, Frank Solich and crew should appear at the ready in Detroit on November 30th.

Ohio will play no games in November on a Saturday, giving us the chance to watch one of the best mid-major teams in the country on primetime. Ohio's last Saturday game is October 27th against rival Miami (OH), who was destroyed by Ohio State this weekend 56-10.

By going undefeated for the rest of the season, Ohio will be able to make the case of a top-tier bowl game this winter. Unfortunately, their conference is so pathetic this year they won't be able to make the case for a BCS bowl game. Now is the time to make the rest of the country to realize there is more than one football team in Ohio.

Ohio, now is your time to shine.

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