A Quickie On Chip Kelly

It is 6:30 am on Saturday and I literally have nothing to do (this is a lie), so I thought I'd write this quick post about Chip Kelly and the Browns. This is highly Illegal, and Josh will likely kill me. Oh well.

After spending seven hours in negotiations with the Browns, Chip Kelly has smartly decided to explore his opportunities with the Eagles and Bills. Browns fans, this is not bad. There is nothing worse than someone who commits to a job only to having regrets later about not exploring other options.

We are to the point where everyone needs to practice the p-word: patience. Yes, get excited about Kelly and what he might bring, but hold off on photoshopping him into Browns gear or changing your profile pics from your wife to Kelly until he has at least confirmed that he is signing with Cleveland.

For the record, replacing a picture of your wife with Chip Kelly is wrong on many fronts.

Look, I know some of you are genuinely thrilled to have the man, I personally am 50/50 on the hire. Do I think his offense as constructed will work in the NFL, not a chance. Do I think he'll adopt some up-tempo style and integrate portions of his Oregon offense into that up-tempo style, of course.

Once those wrinkles are implemented with the right offensive pieces it could would very well in the NFL, and more importantly in the AFC North, which is the NFLs version of the Big Ten.

By Big Ten I mean, power run and with big ugly dudes on the line. Unlike the Big Ten, teams in the AFC North prove they can win when it matters.

As far as the quarterback, look I don’t pretend to be a X and O guy, but I do remember Brandon Weedon playing a high speed offense at Oklahoma State and amassing a lot of yards and touchdowns under that system. So if Kelly were to choose Cleveland, he could "suffer" through with Weeden until a quarterback he wants becomes available.

Everyone else? No clue what Kelly could or should do, and frankly you don’t know either.

Whomever is the next Browns coach still has a lot of work to do, and to assume, or even hope it means you can book tickets to New Jersey for next year's Super Bowl is ludicrous.


Remember, there are two sides to this negotiation and either side could walk away at any point for a number of reasons.

If Kelly walks away after seven hours, then you certainly cannot blame management. If you can’t convince someone in seven hours, then they weren't buying your pizza anyway.

Have a great weekend.