Balancing Auburn and Ohio State

I’ve been in near constant debate with people about Auburn and Ohio State since Saturday evening, so instead of arguing I’ll just put my complete thoughts here. Take them for what they’re worth, but I’m neither an Auburn nor Ohio State fan. I don’t know if I’m balanced enough for you, but this is how I feel.To begin, Ohio State’s schedule has generally been garbage this season, and their defense is less than stellar. In fact, I’d call their defense garbage. That said; between Braxton Mille and Carlos Hyde, the Buckeye’s probably have the most potent offense in college football. Auburn, on the other hand, has the one 35-21 loss from September to LSU. Generally that’s an immediate disqualifier when up against other undefeated teams, but in my mind teams generally improve as the season goes on. Auburn’s offense isn’t stellar but they also haven’t allowed more than 30 points in three of their last nine games going back to the LSU game. For reference, Ohio State has given up 30 points or more only four times the entire season. So, what about their loss? Well, about that and who they’ve faced: Auburn has thus far faced five ranked opponents – starting with the LSU game – and has beaten all of them with the exception of No. 6 LSU. So, Auburn’s only loss is to a top-10 team and their best victory is over the No. 1 team. Hicks: Rivalry Week: The Iron Bowl By comparison, Ohio State has face two ranked teams, Wisconsin and Northwestern, facing the last of both on October 16. I’m not one to throw out, “Ohio State hasn’t played a ranked team x-number of years” out, so the whole “we’re 24-0” argument means just a little to me. Buckeyes fans and their haters cannot chose which side of the argument they wish to play, and really the only thing that counts is your current performance. Wins and losses from previous seasons mean nothing, so let’s end that argument from both sides. I don’t care about last year schedule or a bowl game from 5 years ago, and neither should you. Let’s look at the SEC. To be honest, this isn’t the best year in seven years, and it’s obvious because Missouri is representing the East and it’s entirely possible that South Carolina is the best team in that division. Missouri also didn’t have to face Alabama or LSU, but did play five ranked teams, beating four of them. The argument can be made (and is by several people) that the SEC is better than the Big Ten, but since every team doesn’t play every team it’s almost impossible to tell. That argument also extends to the Big Ten. All that said, I’m still not sure either Auburn or Ohio State are second or third best teams in the country, and Florida State only gets a pass because they’ve dominated the overwhelming majority of their opponents. When you win by almost two touchdowns weekly there is isn’t much anyone can say about your team. Obviously, Ohio State only needs to win its game Saturday against Michigan State to ensure that it plays in the National Championship. There is enough of a gap to where unless they severely struggle and Auburn blows Missouri out of the water the Buckeyes won’t be jumped. Bowman: [tl;dr] Ohio State Football Expectations: National Championship Should Ohio State slip and Auburn win convincingly then I guess it’s possible to see Auburn in Pasadena for the National Championship game, but I think that’s a stretch. I guess it’s a good thing this is the last season for the BCS, and humans with agendas take over next season to decide a four-team playoff, huh? Which two teams do you think should compete for the National Championship? Isn’t this entire argument useless until after the championship games this Saturday? What about undefeated Northern Illinois? Do they deserve a shot?