Direct Message to @Cavsdan, Shut Up and Improve Your Team

Thursday, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, known as @Cavsdan from here on out, told Detroit Pistons owner Tom Groves he should move his team to downtown Detroit. His apparent rationale: even if your team sucks you’ll still draw about 15,000 people. Cute.

Since @Cavsdan has so much freakin’ time on his hands to give advice to other owners, perhaps he can explain to the 15,000 fans who religiously attend Cavs games why their own team sucks; or maybe he can explain why the team has done virtually nothing to improve itself in the past three seasons?

You mean to tell me there hasn’t been ANYONE available in the past three years other than Kyrie Irving that would have significantly improved this team? Not one single player?

Honestly, I’m not even sure if @Cavsdan knows he owns a NBA franchise anymore. @Isley23 wrote this morning that @Cavsdan was a little too jovial during Mike Brown’s introductory news conference, and while I initially thought Ryan was crazy (he is) he’s right on about this.

This guy has pulled the wool over the eyes of Clevelanders and Cavs fans by buying its basketball franchise but instead of making it a contender, he’s instead put it into a holding pattern hoping @KingJames returns in 2014. Please explain to me why @Cavsdan thinks the best solution to his floundering franchise is to act like a furloughed air traffic controller and not make any moves that will direct this team into a winning position.

He says, “It’s an experience…let’s face it, (arenas) don’t belong in a farm field in the suburbs.” Which translated means, “please move downtown so I can make millions off your fans in my casino.”

It appears that @Cavsdan at this point only cares about buying and building more casino’s, and while I’m all about making as much money as humanly possible, he could at least pretend like he cares about the Cavs or the thousands of Cavalier fans that make the trek from Quicken Loans Arena to Horseshoe Casino.

So please, instead of worrying about whatever the hell the Pistons are doing could you maybe sign a few quality free agents and maybe put a winning team on the floor for the first time since @KingJames left? The committed fans that have been around since @KingJames left are waiting for you to show them the same type of commitment.