I am Divorcing Josh Cribbs

Josh Cribbs, Cleveland Browns (in Pro Bowl) by Automotive Rhythms, on Flickr Am I the only one who is glad Josh Cribbs is no longer a member of the Cleveland Browns? I can't be, but when I look at all the fancy social networks it seems everyone is still in love with this guy. Why? I thought as sports fans we were supposed to love the names on the front of the jersey not the back?

Josh Cribbs was great for civic pride, whatever that means in 2013, but as far being a Browns player he hasn't been good for the team recently. In fact, in the past three seasons he's been one of the biggest complainers and disappointments in the organization.

Remember in 2010 when he cleaned out his locker and said he wasn't going to honor the three remaining years on his contract? I guess he thinks he's the prize we're all supposed to be after? Then he used you, the fans, and your emotions to get ownership to reward him with a new contract. Ask yourselves, has he lived up to the $20 million-plus this team has paid him since he was drafted?

Josh Cribbs is the biggest fraud in Cleveland sports. Many of you will argue Travis Hafner is, but his failures can easily be blamed on injuries. Hafner never used and abused you like Josh Cribbs did.

I wish Travis Hafner luck, not because I think he is a good person (he isn't), but because he is what I thought he was. Hafner was given a contract, while he was injured, because he played well and had a good agent. Cribbs has been part of terrible teams, and hasn't done much to keep his value high, that's why the Browns parted ways with him. He had good spots, and at times was one of the brightest stars, but when he didn't get what he wanted he cried like a third grader. Who does that?

Yet the city and its fans worship him as if he led the Browns to a championship. Sure, Cribbs went to Kent State and has amazing ties to the community, but at this point none of that will translate into advancing this team towards the playoffs.

Browns fans, it's time to realize athletes are no different than most of us; they go to work because it pays them. Remember, these people play a game, and while some may consider what they do serious work, the overall economic value they bring is minimal.

It has come time to wish Josh Cribbs good luck in Arizona, hope that he is successful, but remember he only loved you as long as you were willing to give him everything and anything he asked of you. Sounds like that ex-lover who only wanted one thing from you, whereas you wanted the world.

Cribbs couldn't buy a full page ad in the Plain Dealer, or just simply say thank you, he had to send this through his twitter account:

How cute. Where's the checkbox for "yes, I'll always love you?"


You are Browns fans, and as delusional as most of you are about how good your team will be every season you are still amongst the most loyal in all of sports. Josh Cribbs is a player who scored a few touchdowns in games you mostly loss. He never lived up to the hype, and cried like a third grader when he didn't get enough playing time. Now, he's someone else's problem. Man up, and move on.

Remember this, you love the Cleveland Browns even though the franchise has generally pooped on you since 1999.

Is Cribbs a good player? No, he is past his prime, but at one time he was absolutely one of the best at returning balls in the league. What happened? He got old, and the league changed the rules.

It's obvious Cribbs still has a lot of fans in the area, and if you're a fan of his and you happened to like the Browns because of him, then so be it, but if you're a Browns fan then at this point it is time for him and the organization to move on.

Make no mistake; this is not so much about Cribbs and the highs and lows he caused you on the football field as much as it is about fans who need to remember who you are fans of, the Cleveland Browns.