Notre Dame, Alabama Just 'Beat the Hell Out Of You' -- National Championship Game Recap

picture: CS National Championship Game, Jan. 7, 2013 by Matt_Velazquez, on Flickr Let’s begin with the most obvious statement of the bowl season: there was a not a game in this entire bowl season that was more embarrassing or lopsided as last nights. As a - to use Josh’s (@Railbirdj) term - “Notre Dame guy”, it was tough to watch, sit through, watch on twitter, look at my phone, eat my Arby’s, and drink my Jameson.

That said, no fan, alumni, supporter, student-athlete, or coach associated with Notre Dame has anything to be ashamed of. No one, not even I, thought Notre Dame would be in the national championship game.

In fact, the only person at More Than a Fan that had Notre Dame in a BCS game was Ryan Isley (@Isley23). I told him he was crazy to think that, but I’m glad he was crazy enough to think it.

To paraphrase Florida coach Will Muschamp, and later Alabama coach Nick Saban, the Irish “faced a lot of adversity” throughout the season and overcame all of it, and every week until Monday night.

Yeah, Alabama is clearly the best team in the country. I had doubts about them before their loss to Texas A&M and even after squeaking by Georgia, but after a thirty some days of practice, Saban had his team ready to play. And they did right from the first play of scrimmage.

Alabama came out and blew the doors off of Notre Dame’s defense, so badly in fact I think they just scored again.

Notre Dame’s offense was less than stellar, but I am more than willing to put part of that on Everett Golson. Why? Because if I’m 20 and I have seven of the biggest, fastest dudes in the country coming at me as fast as they can, I would probably poop my pants every time as well.

Should Brian Kelly have put in Tommy Rees? Don’t know, I’m not an X’s and O’s guy and he knows a lot more about football than I do.

What I do know about last night’s game is that, on defense, once Notre Dame had to bring an eighth defender to try and stop Alabama’s run, the game was over. I said try, and italicized it because although it was a valiant effort, even the Gipper could not have provided enough motivation to salvage last night’s game.

Alabama dominated in all three phases of the game (offense, defense, and special teams) and kept scoring, and scoring, and scoring. To anyone who even considers the thought that Alabama ran up the score—stop. Every player on both sides is on scholarship, and each is expected to pull their own weight. Saban made about $5.5 million last year and I’m sure Brian Kelly wasn't eating at the Center for the Homeless in South Bend.

Throughout this entire, rant, post or whatever this is I forgot one thing: to congratulate everyone at the University of Alabama. They simply have the best football program in the country. Many complain about oversigning this or oversigning that, but the fact is they still have the best 85 players in the country.

If the only way your program can compete with them or any other power in the Southestern Conference is to oversign, then stop complaining about it and do it. They have made it clear they won't stop any time soon.

Unless the name of your team is “Oregon” you wouldn’t have had a chance last night. Ohio State fans that is a shot directly across your bow. To say that you would have only lost by two touchdowns is admitting you would have lost. Guess what, second place is first loser. I’ll get to Buckeye’s fans on Thursday.

All that said, congratulations to the undisputed best team in the country, Alabama, and welcome back Notre Dame. It has been a long time since it was “cool” to be a supporter of the Fighting Irish. Alabama “beat the hell out of you,” but you certainly are relevant and deserving of everything you’ve earned this year. //