On The Offensive: Being Offended, Browns Radio Network, Indians Club Seats, Mike Rice, and Ed Rush

On The Offensive Instead of making you read nine posts, I thought I’d package a bunch of thoughts into on long post. I’ll try and do this once per month, but I make no promises. Today we’ll talk about offensive people, the Browns Radio Network, how Larry Dolan doesn’t want my money, Mike Rice, and Ed Rush.

Being Offensive to Those Who Are Offended

Yesterday, someone I follow and respect tweeted something more offensive about Native Americans (the people who were here before us) than anything we’ve done to them. Since his profile is private I won’t mention his name, but here are two of the tweets:

  1. [Redacted]: The only reason Native Americans are upset about Chief Wahoo is due to them being disrespected in the past.
  2. [Redacted] to @damienbowman: Time to move on IMO. The Irish population are not holding a grudge for being characterized as angry "fighting Irish".

Stop. Telling someone they shouldn’t be offended because another group isn’t offended by something is more offensive than offending them. I generally agree that too many people take the fact that some teams use Native American names too seriously, but I’ll never tell someone they need to get over anything or they shouldn’t be offended. I don’t like that the Cleveland Indians and Major League Baseball have deprecated Chief Wahoo, but I understand why they do it. It’s all related to money, and while some have the notion that sports shouldn’t be about money, it is. Deal with it. I’d love to see more Chief Wahoo, in fact my two favorite pieces of clothing feature the old-school Indians logo from 1948. If someone told me they were offended I certainly wouldn’t tell them it’s “time to move on,” because I don’t agree with them. As much as I offend people, and generally don’t care, I still respect the feelings of others.

The Fans Are the Losers

Yes, #Browns fans, you are the losers, or at least those of you who listen to the games on the radio. I rarely bitch about radio stations, but I’m going to do so now. If you think that having WKRK, WKNR, and WNCX is better than having WTAM and WMMS broadcast Browns games, you’re stupid. The big loser in the transition from having two powerful (wattage wise) radio stations broadcast games to three are the fans. The winner: clearly Browns shareholders (you still aren’t one). Not only are fans of both radio stations dumb for thinking one station is better than the other, but you’re dumber (I made that word up) to think that in this scenario three is better than two.

The advantage to having WTAM in addition to WMMS is WTAM has a full time 50,000-watt signal whereas WKNR does not. This is a big deal as it gets darker earlier and for those who are unable to pick up the FM signal or to those whose only radio option is AM. For the most part the Browns play on WTAM and/or WMMS and it may change if the Cavs are playing or the Indians are in the playoffs (we’ll get to that soon).

For the most part Cleveland needs less Browns and more Cavaliers and Indians and all this new deal does is give you more Browns coverage in a town when there’s already too much of it. You may say that Cleveland is a “Browns town,” but let’s be honest with each other; the team hasn’t been good since 1999. The Indians and Cavaliers, on the other hand, have generally shown more promise than the Browns since their departure in 1995 and their return in 1999.

There are two factions of people in the city: those who love WKRK and those who love WKNR, but the truth of the matter is both groups are being taken advantage of by both stations. To rally around one station while calling the other terrible only makes you look stupid. Not only did one of the hated, Chris Fedor, move from one station to the other; but the two stations teamed up to broadcast Browns games. Now who are the stupid people? Exactly, those who worship one radio station over another. Grow up, because in general both stations are terrible.

Also, while we’re here, can we STOP with the Browns talk and start talking about the Indians? The Browns don’t play a meaningful game for something like 150 days, but when I turn the radio on all is hear is about them and not the two teams playing now.

The Indians Won’t be in the Playoffs

Despite winning the first game of the year, the Indians won’t be in the playoffs. We were supposed to do an Indians Extravaganza, but because of the Easter holiday and other family issues we didn’t get to it, so here’s where I think they stand. The Indians made many moves this off-season to improve their roster. The best move was selling STO to fund the signing of several key additions to the team. While I don’t think the Indians will make the playoffs this season it won’t stop me from going to several games this season. I do think the Indians will be in the playoffs next season. Not being a prick, just telling you what I feel based on what I see throughout the rest of the league.

Spoiler alert: I enjoy baseball games and went to many games last season even after the team was out of contention. Indians fans complained about the Dolans and their lack of spending, and this off-season they put their money where their mouth was; now it’s time for you to do the same.

If you can’t commit and follow through to going to at least two games this season, then don’t ever complain about the team not spending money. They spent, and now it’s your turn.

Larry Dolan: TAKE MY MONEY

A little inside baseball for you: the Indians erected an all-new club section for people who have season tickets. The team removed about ten suites that they couldn’t sell and converted it to an area where ticket holders get all they can eat and drink during the game. This is great, except it appears Larry Dolan doesn’t want my money because I don’t have season tickets.

Allegedly, these tickets go for around $150 each. I have the money. I want four tickets to at least three games. That’s $1,800 of real, government approved money. It’s also more than I’ll spend in food, beer, and merchandise if I buy regular seats for those three games. Mr. Dolan, don’t lock me out because I don’t have season tickets. Don’t complain because fans aren’t willing to pay for tickets, but then have a stupid social suite that only ass kissers can get into or an exclusive club level that big spenders like me can’t get into.

Take my money. My American Express is ready to be charged; otherwise, I’ll spend it at another stadium and you’ll only get pennies instead of dollars.

Rutgers gets it Partially Right and the Pacific-12 gets none of it Right

Rutgers fired Mike Rice after a videotape surfaced of him abusing his players. Good move except that it came way too late. Rice should have been fired when the tape initially came to light earlier this season. The two people who signed off on his pathetic punishment also need to be fired. I’m talking about Tim Pernetti and Robert Barchi, athletic director and president. In light of what happened at Penn State, for two administrators to initially slap Rice on the wrist with a three-game suspension and $50,000 fine is laughable. Parnetti and Barchi are supposed to protect the student-athletes. They failed and should be fired immediately. Instead, Rutgers Board of Trustees has given both a vote of confidence.

While it’s naïve for people to think athletes aren’t generally treated like garbage by coaches, it’s totally unfair to paint the entire profession in the same light. Coaches at the Division I level are generally good people, but there is absolutely no excuse for the abuse that Mike Rice was dishing out. I’m sure Rice will get another job in time, but as a person who deals with basketball coaches on a near daily basis, I surely hopes he doesn’t.

Speaking of people who shouldn’t get another job, it’s time to talk about Ed Rush. Rush is currently the Supervisor of Officials for the Pac-12, and also a former NBA official, who is accused of suggesting a reward to basketball officials giving a technical foul or ejecting Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller. Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said Rush used “very, very poor judgment.” Ya think, Larry? Solution: Fire Ed Rush. No one is bigger than the game of basketball or the reputation of the Pac-12 or its officials. I don’t know if what Rush said was “in jest” or not, but as someone who has refereed basketball on the collegiate level, I’m offended he still has his job.

After everything that’s happened in the NBA with Tim Donaghy, the fact that the NCAA and Pac-12 would simply reprimand and not terminate Rush is more offensive than telling American Indians to not be offended by the use of their likeness. The two associations are saying it’s OK to goad officials into calling fouls when they may not be appropriate.

One phrase: Fire Ed Rush.

I don’t know how often I’ll write these types of columns, but I hope to package a bunch of thoughts into one post at least once per month. Let me know what you think of the format.

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