The Time Has Come for the Lakers to Walk Away From Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard It’s obvious the relationship between Dwight Howard and the Los Angeles Lakers needs to end. Howard made it very clear in Game 4 that he doesn’t have the ability or the character to lead a team with the stature of the Lakers. Early in the game he threw an elbow, and in the fourth quarter talked himself into a second technical foul and automatic ejection.

Did I mention it was game four of a series in which the Lakers were down 0-3? The elimination game, and the teams biggest (active) star is acting like a baby because he isn’t getting what he wants. Parents: don’t let your children grow up to be like Dwight Howard.

I don’t know where Howard will end up next year, but he’s proven he isn’t worth the potential $118 million dollars he may get from any team. He continues to prove that he can’t lead a team to the next level and win a championship. We knew this in Orlando and it’s become apparent in L.A.

Some are suggesting that Pau Gasol would be let go to make room for Dwight Howard, but if you watched Sunday’s beat down you’d think Gasol was the one in line to make that $118 million. Gasol was basically ordered to leave the game, and the Lakers faithful rewarded Gasol’s dedication with an extended ovation, one only outdone when injured star Kobe Bryant showed up after the Howard ejection.

Howard’s long walk through to tunnel to the Lakers locker room should be his last. He doesn’t deserve to play in a city as great as LA with an attitude a third-grader thinks is terrible. Yeah, he’ll get paid a lot of money, but if he keeps his antics up, there isn’t a scenario in which he’ll win a championship.

During a post game interview aired on ESPN, Howard said, "I've got to do a better job of keeping my cool. It's very tough, you're out there playing most of the game, I don't want to lose, and sometimes when things don't go your way, sometimes you react the wrong way and I just got to keep my cool."

No kidding. You should try and play at least half of the game. He managed to only play 20 minutes of the 48-minute game.

Bottom line; if Howard’s goal is to become a champion, he needs to turn his attitude around by 180 degrees. This change won’t happen overnight, but he can make great strides between now and fall camp.

I don’t think he should re-sign with the Lakers, but I’m not sure what coach would be able to keep his attitude in check. Everything about his situation is self-inflicted, and he’s the only person who can correct it.