[tl;dr] Akron’s Jim Tressel Should Be on the First Selection Committee

3177159521_ab0fb74486_z I’m not fan of Jim Tressel as a person based on how he handled his players and compliance officers while at Ohio State, but one thing about the man is that he is a good coach, even if he isn’t a good person. If the gray-haired dudes that run the College Football Playoff are looking for former coaches to sit on their first selection committee they should start with Jim Tressel.

Tressel, while at Ohio State, appeared in nine BCS games including three national championship games, and though it’s he likely won’t coach another game in college football he’s the perfect fit to sit on a committee that will determine the makeup of the new playoff system.

I imagine Tressel is itching to participate in some way in college football, and this would be perfect opportunity for guys like him who have tons of experience to have a voice in its new system. Is there someone else who has as much experience as him that would be better on the committee, of course there isn’t.

Teamed up with other former coaches such as former Alabama coach Bill Curry, and current Pacific-12 commissioner Larry Scott as Bleacher Support suggests, these three could anchor a committee that will quell the fears of many college football fans.

I don’t have a lot of confidence in this new system because I don’t believe it is inclusive of enough teams, but having these three on the committee and leaving SEC commissioner Mike Slive and Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany off the committee will give the appearance of transparency the sport hasn’t seen in a long time.

I’m not suggesting that Slive and Delany can’t be objective, but it’s likely their two conferences will dominate the post-season conversation yearly, and instead of having to recuse themselves when their teams are discussed it would be better for the committees workflow to leave them out.

The Big Ten and SEC will have plenty of representation, and people like Ohio State’s Gene Smith along with Tressel and Curry are representative of each conferences past, present, and future. Smith’s time on the basketball selection committee makes him a natural fit to be either the chairman or co-chair for the first committee.

Tressel’s time at Ohio State along with his nice BCS appearances makes him the most obvious choice to be on the committee, and frankly there isn’t a former coach who’s alive that’s more deserving of chance to sit at the table than Tressel.

tl; dr is a tech nerd term for too long; didn’t read. the purpose of these posts is to provide a quick summary and analysis of something interesting in the sports world.

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