[tl;dr] College Football Playoff, Yes that’s really the Name

tl; dr is a tech nerd term for too long; didn’t read. the purpose of these posts is to provide a quick summary and analysis of something interesting in the sports world.  They heard your cries, “The BCS sucks,” “we want a real playoff,” and “pay the ‘student-athlete,’” alright, well they listened to two of your three complaints. So, the BCS commissioners replaced ‘BCS’ with ‘CFP.’ How’s that taste in your mouth? Probably about as good as this new “playoff” will.

Yesterday, the college football power players agreed on the name College Football Playoff as its rebranding of the Bowl Championship Series. I know Jim Delany was involved, because that name is about as good as Legends and Leaders. Hopefully, this is only a temporary name.

Also, agreed upon was the rotation of games and dates between cities. The first championship game in January 2015 is expected to be played in Arlington at Cowboys Stadium, and honestly if there’s a place that deserves it, it’s Arlington. Cowboys Stadium the premier facility in football and the DFW Metroplex is a premier host city. A place where you won’t see any championship game is someplace where the average January temperature is below 50.

That’s right, no cold weather cities, and before you blame the powers that be, know that no cold weather cities have bid on the championship games to this point. This surprised me; I thought for sure Indianapolis, Detroit, and even New York would at least bid on something considering all have, or will in New York’s case, hosted a Super Bowl.

Championship games will feature a week of craziness only the largest cities can handle, but have no fear I suspect the northern cities to get into the act sooner rather than later. I’m guessing they want to see how the new format will play out.

The most important part of this whole thing is what we don’t yet know, and that is who the members of the CFP selection committee will be. If you think this will be like basketball’s selection committee you’re exactly right. The problem here is members of this committee will likely have a bigger axe to grind. The solution is more media accountability. Good luck with that, right?

The CFP website is collegefootballplayoff.com and until Monday, April 29 you can vote for the logo. So, you do have some say in the new playoff.

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