[tl;dr] MLB Needs to Protect Alex Rodriguez by Suspending Dempster

This is an unpopular opinion, but frankly, it’s something that needs to be said: right now, Major League Baseball needs to protect Alex Rodruiguez. In light of his first at bat versus Ryan Dempster Sunday evening, MLB needs to suspend Dempster. Rodriguez’s 211-game suspension won’t be decided anytime soon, and while normally I would advocate MLB stand behind whatever on-field decisions their game officials make, Brian O’Nora was wrong to not immediately eject Dempster after the first at bat.

I don’t know if O’Nora was caught up in the moment and theatre of Fenway Park, but he or crew chief Fielden Culbreth should have been active in protecting a player that was clearly thrown at.

O’Nora, a Youngstown, Ohio native, is widely considered one of the games’ best umpires, and most important he makes few mistakes. Sunday night, the second biggest mistake he made was warning the Yankees bench.

For what? Last I checked the Yankees were playing clean baseball, and didn’t intentionally hit any Red Sox players.

Make no mistake, I’m no Rodriguez apologist, but as long as he and MLB are going through the litigation process, MLB needs to give the appearance that they aren’t out to get Rodriguez. If their umpires aren’t willing to protect players as they’re supposed to do, then MLB needs to suspend and/or fine those umpires and suspend the offending players.

211-Games is too long: Alex Rodriguez Suspension is Unjust

The fact that Dempster made no attempt to even put the ball in the first at bat over the plate further aggravates the implication that he intentionally threw at Rodriguez. In looking at that at bat in vacuum, and based on the lack of reaction by Rodriguez, it’s clear Dempster needs to sit at least one start, if not two.

You might think that’s a little too extreme, but the message needs to be sent to all other players who think that by attempting to injure Rodriguez they’re doing a service to the sport and to the fans. They aren’t.

What the players don’t understand is that while we all know Rodriguez violated the rules around PED use he still has the right to play while he’s going through the appeals process. In fact, the players are the ones who insisted on allowing the players the play.

They have to realize they cannot have it both ways, and the only way to get that message across to the other players in the league is to suspend Ryan Dempster for at least one start.

Despites its contentious relationship with Alex Rodruiguez, Major League Baseball needs to protect him from any other player who may wish to “send a message” by attempting to hurt him.

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