[tl;dr] Time To Let Manziel Be a Young Adult

Do you remember how mature you were when you were 20? Where you sitting on top of the world? Had you just won college football’s most prestigious award? Did you have wealthy parents who gave you pretty much anything you wanted? Let’s be real, Johnny Manziel may be one of the most immature college athletes around, or he could be the typical 20 year-old with rich parents. I went to Catholic school my entire life, and in high school, seeing kids driving cars that were worth more than the house I grew up in wasn’t unusual. Take that same privileged person and put them into a position in which they’re admired and are getting awards from everyone, and yeah that person is going to be a brat. There is no doubt about it.

Does Johnny Football need to be humbled, of course, but at the age of 20 who didn’t? I know I’m certainly not the same person now that I was when I was 20, and if you try to pretend like you are then you’re fooling yourself and anyone that knew you then.

If the most important four years of your life are college and/or high school, it’s time for you to grow up. Kids will be kids, and given the ‘participation award’ generation we seem to be in, it’s certainly not unusual for them to be cocky bastards.

Manziel will get whatever is coming to him, because all arrogant people do. It may not come while he’s in college, and think about it, if he isn’t a ‘top NFL draft pic,’ then so what? No matter where he’s drafted, he’ll already be making more money than most of us.

Honestly, had you been 20 and won the Heisman Trophy, wouldn’t you be going to as many parties as possible and drinking with as many people who’d buy you beers?  Manziel is literally only responsible to himself when he’s not playing football.

Did he take money for autographs, probably, but the NCAA accepted the 30-minute suspension offered by Texas A&M, and so should you. Yes, the story would be different had he actually done something that may have impacted his team.

I say all this to say, as much as I hate arrogant 20 year-olds, we’ve all been there in some form, and as long as he isn’t receiving direct compensation other than his scholarship from Texas A&M or the NCAA, then he deserves the right to grow up like any other young adult did.

NOTE: If Manziel had disrespected me the way he did Kevin Sumlin, I’d probably be sitting in the Brazos County Jail awaiting murder charges.