[tl;dr] Time To Temper #Browns Expectations

Who saw this coming? The Cleveland Browns are 0-2 after what many would consider a successful preseason. So, what happened? Well I can’t say for sure, and to be honest I haven’t watched very much of either game  because of other commitments, but I think it’s time for Browns fans to temper their season expectations. I say this as a realist, not as someone who isn't a super Browns fan or someone who divorced the team a few months ago. Divorce: I am Divorcing The Cleveland Browns

The truth is, there are many problems with the team, and those problems aren't limited to Brandon Weeden. Despite popular opinion, even though the quarterback is “the most important person on the team,” this one isn't the source of all of the Browns' problems. The offensive and secondary are bad, the receivers cannot get open, and Trent Richardson can't get enough carries for whatever reason.

At this point in the season, week 3, it might be time to prepare for the return to success to take longer than we anticipated. On the Browns Preview, we made a joke about the Browns being better at losing games than they have been, and only you can judge if they’re better or worse, but the truth is they’re 0-2. Dan will have a Week in Review that will likely feature some of the worst tweets by Browns fans, and while they’re mostly fueled by emotions, remember that those of you who predicted a winning season did so based on that same emotion.

I predicted the Browns would win eight games, and obviously, if the current pace picks up, I won’t be correct. While I’m not ready to revise that prediction until after the Browns face the 0-2 Vikings, and the 0-1 Bengals it’s safe to say a lot of people were wrong about how good this team was going to be.

I do know that based on what I saw from around the NFL there appears to be a group of teams who’ve shown over the past two weeks that they’re really good, and everyone else is really bad. There don’t appear to be mid-level teams. The good thing about all this, is that 16 teams make the NFL playoffs, and while I’m not suggesting the Browns will be in the mix for the playoffs, they do have a good chance to beat every team in the division once, and as Dan said, beat the Steelers twice.

Before we throw the season away and start looking at Johnny Manziel as next year's starting quarterback, can we properly evaluate the team for who they are once all of their injured and suspended players return?

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