[tl;dr] What Would You Say if You Were Mike Lombardi?

Yesterday, Browns General Manager Mike Lombardi gave a sort of state of the Browns speech to the Hall of Fame Luncheon Club. In summary, he basically said the team is looking towards 2014 and beyond, with low expectations for this year. If you were Mike Lombardi, would you have said anything different? I know this is something that gets said over and over again, but the Browns are in the midst of a regime change, and depending on what happens with Jimmy Haslam, they could be looking at new owners in the near future as well. So, the question is, what are your expectations for the Browns this year, and are you upset or bothered by what Lombardi said about looking towards 2014, and not the upcoming one?

Honestly, my expectations are low, but that’s because I saw what the Browns did in the offseason with changes in the front office, coaching staff, and team personnel. I then realized not much positive can come from next season (for your sake, I hope I’m wrong). The personnel on the 2013 Browns is certainly better than the 2012 Browns, and the team will certainly perform better with coordinators that have more experience, even if the head coach isn’t awesome.

I have no problem with head coach Rob Chudzinski, but he wasn’t exactly awesome at his last job, but that means nothing in Cleveland. This is certainly a city and team he’s familiar with, so there’s no reason this cannot be a reclamation project for himself.

So, where do Browns fans go from here? You’ll have to be patient, for at least another year. The team owes its quarterback at least half the season to determine if he’s the right person to lead this franchise for the next few seasons, or decide if another quarterback will be needed.

Honestly, neither Brandon Weeden nor whomever the team drafts or acquires through free agency is the biggest problem in Berea. The problem doesn’t reside inside Browns headquarters, but maybe it’s with the fans themselves.

Browns fans have been incredibly patient since 1999, and while the organization has done nothing to make them feel appreciative the fans come back year after year. No matter what else happens in the city Browns news will always get top billing.

So, knowing this, as Mike Lombardi does, aren’t you appreciative of the fact that he’s telling you right now that the team is likely looking forward to making waves in 2014 and not necessarily in 2013?

I know I’d rather be told the truth about this season than be led to believe I need to reserve hotel rooms for the Super Bowl. tl; dr is a tech nerd term for too long; didn’t read. the purpose of these posts is to provide a quick summary and analysis of something interesting in the sports world.