The College Quickie: The "Bruh" Edition

Tweet of the weekend:


Good Sportsmanship is a Thing

I don’t like a lot of people. I’m hard to deal with, and am generally not nice to people, but if you walked up to me and started a conversation, there’s a good chance I’d shake your hand before and after the conversation. It’s just the right thing to do. Why Maryland’s captains thought it was a good idea to not shake the hands of Penn State’s captains will mystify me for weeks. Scuttlebutt says Maryland is looking to make their yearly matchup with Penn State into a rivalry, and totally disrespecting them like this will certainly help get there.

Aren’t there better ways of building a rivalry?

Maryland coach Randy Edsall says he knew nothing about the non-handshake, and I believe him. I assume harsh discipline will come to the captains who participated in this stunt. The decision about whether these jokers should remain captains or not is up to Edsell and the other players on the team, but I wouldn’t oppose them being replaced.

Oregon Is Back, As If We Were Worried

A month ago Oregon lost to Arizona, and everyone declared them dead. All they’ve done in the interim is dominate every team they’ve played. Last night, they beat Stanford by 29 and probably could have beaten them by more if they wanted to. People were suggesting that Marcus Mariota either wasn’t good enough to be a Heisman contender or he was too nice. I think he answered both of those questions last night with a lights out performance.

With Ole Miss’ loss to Auburn last night, there’s no doubt in my mind that Oregon has played itself back into a playoff birth. We won’t know for sure until the end of the season, but if the Ducks continue to play like they have they could easily be the favorite in the college football’s first playoff.

Dave Brandon, Brady Hoke and Michigan's Deck Chairs

Michigan – finally – fired someone, and Dave Brandon was the first victim of the deck chair shuffling in Ann Arbor. I’m not sure if that provided the spark that Brady Hoke needed to coach his ass off, but it worked as Michigan beat the pants off Indiana to go 4-5 (2-3 Big Ten) on the year. Hoke and company will need to win its next 2-3 (at Northwestern, vs. Maryland, at Ohio State) to become bowl eligible. Chances of success? Stupid high. Northwestern and Maryland are laughable this year. Ohio State will be a challenge, but anything is possible against in that game.

My educated guess says Dave Brandon’s successor will fire Brady Hoke in short shrift. I don’t think Michigan will find a successor before 2015, which leaves Michigan recruiting in a state of limbo. It also appears that Michigan will go in different direction by hiring someone who has no ties to the university. That’s probably a good idea.

The World's Largest Outdoor Circus

In Jacksonville, Will Muschamp surprised everyone. I mean, who wasn’t surprised, really? Like he joked, they certainly aren’t going to be putting him in some type of Hall of Fame, but he definitely earned himself a few weeks, and honestly, will probably survive this season assuming he doesn’t get smoked in his last four games. The Gators are at Vanderbilt (W), home for South Carolina (toss up) and Eastern Kentucky (W), and at Florida State (toss up). If the Gators go 2-2 they’re on to a bowl game that no one will pay attention to. We can only pray that it’s against Michigan.

So, what the hell happened with Georgia? Easy, no Gurley and no defense. Everyone in America knew Florida was going to run the ball, and Georgia could do nothing to stop them. Florida threw the ball SIX (!!) times completing three passes for 27 yards. The Gators ran the ball 60 (!!!) times for 418 yards and averaged 7.1 yards per attempt. That’s insane, and the fact that Georgia could do absolutely nothing about that shows that anyone that suggested they had a shot at the national title (me, Seth, you) are idiots.

Obviously Muschamp has improved his chances of survival by beating Georgia on a national stage, but he could guarantee himself another year with a win over Florida State. The Seminoles tried to lose to Louisville on Thursday, so at this point I'd say almost everyone has a chance to beat them.

Keep Running Up the Score

Speaking of the Buckeyes, they should continue to run the score, and if people get upset then so be it. Here’s the thing: if everyone on the first team is out and you have all second-stringers in, what are you going to say, don’t score? Of course not. The kids on the second string rarely get to play, and oh by the way, the kids on Illinois team are on scholarship too. In fact, they have just as many scholarships as Ohio State and most of those kids are pretty good too.

I suggested after Ohio State lost to Virginia Tech they needed to blow the doors off every team they play, and I still believe that. Their playoff chances are very slim, and their strength of schedule is just above absolutely terrible, and their only chance to show people (me, Seth, you) how good their offense really is by beating everyone by a billion.

Urbs, keep scoring until clock reads 0:00. You’ll be fine.

Act like you’ve been there before

I love Spurrier. I think he’s the most entertaining coach in the world. He makes no secret that he isn’t a fan of Tennessee.

On the Vols missing out on the Sugar Bowl during his Florida years: "You can't spell Citrus without U-T."

On Peyton Manning: "I know why Peyton came back for his senior year. He wanted to be a three-time star of the Citrus Bowl."

Last night in a crazy game that no one saw, the Volunteers beat the Gamecocks. Spurrier is 5-5 against the Volunteers, which is something that probably chaps his ass every time he thinks about it. He was so chapped after the game last night, he gave a 42-second press conference and took no questions. He said we all “watched it,” and he needs to “just get out of here.” Umm no. You need to take questions. Have a little respect for the media and your fans and explain to them what went wrong. Explain how our team ended up in overtime and lost to the Volunteers.

Spurrier successful made Butch Jones’ arguably first signature win about Spurrier and not about Jones and the Vols. Not cool, Steve.

A few quick thoughts

People really need to get over having people from opposing teams on ESPN's College GameDay when they come to your campus. I know ESPN is showing off your school, but they have responsibilities to show the most interesting story. I'm looking directly at you Morgantown.

Army football is less than good, but their band beat everyone else yesterday.

If your last name is "Blewitt," good luck in life. anytime you screw something up, well you know what they'll say you did.

I never thought I'd see someone needlepointing at a college football game, but I guess even the 12th man needs a day off.

The ACC is not a good football conference. Can we just say that and move on already?

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