The College Quickie: Welcome to the Show

*cue the circus musicI’m almost positive this is craziest weekend in college football I’ve seen in my short 32 years. The fun began Thursday night with Arizona’s upset over Oregon and ended with Utah upsetting No 8 UCLA. That AP Top 25 poll you had? Yeah, go ahead and toss that out the window.

That about sums that up, doesn’t it? Matt Wadleigh will have a breakdown of the new poll later today, but man…where do we go from here? Sure, Florida State will probably remain No 1, but do they deserve it? They haven’t looked awesome all year, but after this weekend, what’s the new awesome? Thursday night, we thought for sure that Oregon’s loss to Arizona would effectively eliminate any slimmer of hope the Big Ten had of making the playoff. Can we still say that after Saturday? How about Mississippi? I mean the state of Mississippi. Ole Miss and Mississippi have played top-10 teams on the same day 17 times, but this is the FIRST time they’ve both won. This will sound crazy, but Mississippi is the capital of college football. I don’t know what else they get right down there, but they’re certainly getting football right. Let me touch on a sore subject for just one second: Michigan. “And now the end is near,” right? Earlier this year I didn’t think Michigan would fire Brady Hoke during the season, and I’d still be pretty surprised if they did, but come on – they lost to Rutgers by 2. Rutgers was 23-40 in passing and was averaging 10.1 yards per pass. That’s insane. It’s almost like Michigan’s defense was non-existent. Maybe Brady Hoke should switch it up and wear a headset. At this point, try anything. What’s it matter?

Big 12 Madness

In their third season in the Big 12, Texas Christian shocked and awed Oklahoma by winning 37-33. Here’s the thing: TCU gets a pick six with 14:12 left in the fourth quarter, and neither team scores the rest of the game? Where was Big Game Bob Stoops’ offense? The last points OU scores is one a blocked PAT? Is Oklahoma still the best team in the Big 12, of course they are, but what the hell was that Bob? Credit to Gary Patterson, Trevon Boykin and company for reminding everyone they didn’t plan on being walked on in the Big 12. Also, health and safety check on Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlby. Not only did Bowlsby’s best team lose Saturday, but now he has to deal with Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard who did not hold back his feelings after the Cyclone’s lost to Oklahoma State Saturday.

“We’ve been on the short end of some controversial calls and it’s hard to sit idle and watch ESPN, Fox, other announcers not debate, but to feel sorry for Iowa State because maybe there will be another apology for a call,” Pollard said. “Coach Rhoads and I have tried to deal with that internally and have tried to do it the right way. But it’s no longer fair to put our student-athletes, our coaching staff and our fans in that position.”

Yeah, Pollard is right. Iowa State’s pretty much been getting screwed by referee’s over the last few seasons. Pollard will probably pay a significant fine for his comments, but he’s right, the officials have not been kind to Iowa State. He’s also right when he says apologies don’t change the outcome of the game. The Big 12 needs to improve its officiating, and if that means they need to replace Supervisor of Officials Walt Anderson (also an NFL referee), then so be it. The good thing for the Big 12, is that at least their officials aren’t so bad they merit their own Twitter hashtag. See #Pac12Refs

Touchdown Jesus Saves the Irish Day

Well, well, well – look at this – Notre Dame has to live on a little luck to survive against Stanford. Everyone left Stanford for dead after it’s debilitating loss to USC, but it bounced back with wins against Army and Washington. Saturday, the Fighting Brian Kelly’s had to rely on Everett Golson to survive. Stanford’s defense was nothing short of amazing. Stanford has gone 27 straight games without allowing an opponent to score more than 30 points, which is great, but your offense has to score points, which is something Stanford can’t do. A few weeks ago, Mike Wilson asked me if I thought Gholson was good enough to be in the conversation for the Heisman, and I said no, because I thought in many cases he was playing down to his competition. He certainly convinced me otherwise with his clutch throw on fourth-and-11 in the fourth quarter. I’m as surprised by anyone at how fun the game in South Bend was, but as Ryan said a few weeks ago, the Irish season will be defined by the month of October.

Neyland is Checkered, and Muschcamp’s Mouth

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? Florida beats Tennessee 10-9 – yes, that was really the score – and the Volunteer faithful did a stadium checkerboard, and after Florida Coach Will Muschamp has words for the fans: I don’t know how warm Muschamp’s seat is in Gainesville, but one has to assume it’s very warm. If the fans at Neyland are going to checker their stadium, and talk a bunch of garbage to Florida and Muschamp, then he should be able to respond in a sensible way. This is football, there’s going to be trash talk. Explain to me why Tennessee fans are upset about this when they’re yelling F*ck Florida? If the expectation is that the other person should rise up and not respond, well, you’re crazy. You probably thought I was going to drop the F-bomb, didn’t you? That’s funny. Anyway, Muschamp can say anything he wants. It isn’t like he hasn’t before.

My Top 4

Heh, I don’t know, this is tough and will probably be unpopular, but my Top Four is:

  1. Florida State
  2. Auburn
  3. Ole Miss
  4. Baylor

All four had convincing wins Saturday (Drew, sorry about your Demon Deacons), and that’s how the new Top 25 should turn out. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, do so below. It’s a weekly recap with our greatest stories, and breaking news. We promise not to spam you or sell your e-mail address. Wanna tell me I’m crazy? Do so in the comments below, find me on Twitter at @damiEnbowman or e-mail me