Our Top 6 - Week 12

If ever there were a time for our staff to put together their top six this would be the week. We all had last weekend’s games circled on our calendar, but it turns out yesterday’s games provided a much better view of the college football landscape. Since every team doesn’t play each other this is more than records, but mostly about who you play, when you play them, and how. Ohio State’s loss to Virginia Tech earlier in the season was seemingly devastating, but beating Michigan State last week and Minnesota this week helped them work their way back into the top 10.

The same can be said for Alabama, who lost to Ole Miss on October 4, but beat previously undefeated Mississippi State yesterday afternoon, 25-20 in a game that many argue wasn’t as close as the score indicates.

And if you went to bed and missed #Pac12AfterDark, yes Oregon State really beat Arizona State, and Sean Mannion looked as good as Mike Wilson says he is.

Participating in this week’s Top 6 poll is Damien Bowman (@damienbowman), Seth Merenbloom (@smerenbloom), Jeff Rich (@JRichRadio), Caymen Bishop (@caymenbishop), Molly (@mollymarie83), Hollis McClain (@HollisOliverIII), and Matt Wadleigh (@mattwadleigh559).

Here are the records, for all the listed teams: Alabama 9-1, Baylor, Florida State 10-0, Georgia 8-2, Kansas State 7-2, Mississippi State 9-1, Ohio State 9-1, Ole Miss 8-2, Oregon 9-1, and TCU 9-1.

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