Alabama Dominates Florida in 2015 SEC Championship Game

Florida is good, but they weren't today against Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Their offense was non-existent tonight and it shows the disparity between Alabama and everyone else. Buckeyes fans were hopeful that Alabama could be knocked off by Florida but they didn't stand a chance. Frustration came across in the fourth quarter through a pair of personal fouls against the Gators and there was little Jim McElwain could to turn the tide.

Thats really the story of the second half. And the first half.

Florida's sequence of possessions: punt, safety, missed field goal, punt, punt, punt, punt, punt, interception, punt.

(I think the Gators just punted again.)

So, while Florida's Jim Mcelwain has certainly earned the Bear Bryant coach of the year award, his Gators simply got their ass kicked by Alabama tonight in Atlanta.

What's next for Alabama?

We'll find out this weekend where and who Alabama will play in the playoff. Unless Clemson loses against North Carolina, I expect Clemson to remain No. 1. That likely means that the Crimson Tide will play in the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Eve.

What's next for Florida?

Florida will likely play in the Sugar Bowl (yes, the best bowl) against a Big 12 team - which at this point has to be TCU.

What felt obvious in the first half is that Florida was happy to be in the game and only in Atlanta to cash a paycheck. But they showed signs of life in the second half, but it was too little too late.

For Ohio State fans they'll need North Carolina to beat Clemson handily to maybe get back into the top four, but the likelihood of that happening appears between slim and none.

Nick Saban solidified his place as the best coach in the modern era, but it would be hard to ignore the likes of Urban Meyer creeping up on him.

Photo: Bird LeCroy/Campus Pressbox