Campus Pressbox Is Looking For a Basketball Editor and Contributors

We’re a few, very short months away from the college basketball season and, as this site evolves into something more than football, we’d like to bring on a dedicated staff for college basketball. While I readily acknowledge that many of our football writers also love college basketball, to do things right we’d like to have a separate team in order to adequately cover everything. The basics are simple: we’re looking for people who always present quality content, are dedicated to writing, and are available to write about their passion in college basketball.

We’re interested in bringing on a basketball editor who will oversee the day-to-day basketball operations. That person will have significant involvement in determining the staff, production of a schedule, and the general direction of the basketball category.

In addition to the editor, we’re specifically looking for basketball contributors to focus on the major and mid-major basketball conferences.


We’re really interested in people who are passionate about college basketball. We’re really looking for people who can stick to a schedule. Generally, we’ll be seeking content of at least 500 words once per week, but I, or the editor-to-be-named-later, can certainly make room for additional pieces as they come up. The most important part here is your consistency. We can’t build yours, or our brand if we’re not consistently producing quality content.

How Do I Get In?

The easiest way to get in is to e-mail me directly at This is a big undertaking, but getting this right the first time is important to us. The application process is simple:

  1. Send a preview of your favorite team/conference for 2015. This should be at least 500 words and link to any needed sources.
  2. If you have previous works, and are able to, please link to those as well.

Important Details

The single most important detail is that these positions are unpaid. It’s a bummer, I know, but for those of you aspiring to write somewhere bigger or better (trust me, we’re not offended) you can use Campus Pressbox as a resume builder. No one at Campus Pressbox makes anything, and I lose money on the operation every month. This is a passion of mine that I want to share with you.

Many writers have the desire to obtain credentials and that’s certainly something we want to share, but that isn’t something we control. Typically universities and conferences are reluctant to issue credentials until individuals show they’re dedicated and have knowledge of their subject.

The application process for Campus Pressbox is simple and pain-free. We’re all fans and many of us have the desire to write in paid positions, so let’s help each other meet our goals.