The College Quickie: Why Is Barry Alvarez Still At Wisconsin?

This audio is part of an upcoming episode of the College Football Roundtable with Damien Bowman and Jeff Rich.

For the second time in three years, Barry Alvarez coached the Wisconsin Badgers in a bowl game. Why? Because the previous coach left for another school. So, it begs to ask, is Alvarez part of the problem at Wisconsin? Are coaches leaving because they aren’t interested in being overshadowed by the legend?

Look, I think Alvarez is a great coach that did great things in his time at Wisconsin. I have no idea what type of influence he has over the coaches there, but based on the Gatorade bath and him being carried off the field, I can tell you that the student-athletes definitely know who the “man” is in Madison.

First to leave was Brett Bielema then Gary Andersen, and Paul Chryst might want to watch his back, or at least ask for permission when going for it on 4th and 1 in the fourth quarter.

I’m not suggesting that Alvarez is putting undue pressure on coaches to do their jobs, but think about this: have you seen the angst in Star Trek movies when Captain Kirk is on the bridge and there is a younger captain trying to fuddle his way through red alert? Right, the crew always looks to captain Kirk to jump in and save the day.

This is classic too many chief cooks and not enough bottle washers.

As long as Barry Alvarez is in Madison in an official position of power, he’ll continue to be Captain Kirk. It isn’t fair for coaches because to them it probably feels like they’re constantly auditioning to keep their jobs.

If Alvarez wants to be the head coach then he ought to come back and be the head coach, and if he doesn’t then he ought to retire from the AD position and allow someone else to build the university without him hanging out over his shoulder.

So what do you think? Love Barry? Stay or go? Retire and clean out your office? Is Paul Chryst already in danger? Leave a comment below or e-mail me at