March Madness: Can We Skip a TV Timeout or Six?

I have to admit, opening weekend of the men’s NCAA tournament has been the best I’ve seen in a long time. While I’m not a fan of how many games were “scheduled” after 9:30p on the East Coast, I’m much happier with the ability to watch every game versus only having CBS and having them and the local affiliate designate our primary game.

On Doug Gottlieb and Jim Nantz

Speaking of CBS, let’s talk announcing for a second. I have to say I don’t watch a ton of basketball during the regular season – everyone knows I see enough of it anyway – but I want to say how impressed I’ve become with Doug Gottlieb. His comparisons to tournament basketball and AAU basketball are a bit over the top, but he’s prepared and did an excellent job with Ian Eagle from Nationwide Arena in Columbus. Speaking of Nationwide Arena, if you’ve never been there, that place is very nice. I still think Value City Area is a smidge better, but both facilities are easily the best in the entire state of Ohio.