Rapid Reaction: Alabama Saves its Dynasty; Destroys Georgia 38-10

Disgustingly ugly is the description I’d use to describe today’s game in Athens, Georgia. Georgia lost and it wasn’t close. The score at halftime was 21-3 and if Alabama’s defense doesn’t fall asleep on one play in the third quarter, there’s little doubt the Bulldogs would have scored a touchdown in the game. By the way, Nick Chubb ran 83-yards for Georgia’s single touchdown.

All this is fine, but really this is all about Georgia. Everyone at the beginning of the week was busy speculating how this could be the end of Alabama’s dynasty. That obviously didn’t work out too well. It also isn’t the end of the road for Georgia. The SEC East is absolute garbage.

Next week, Georgia will head to Knoxville, then back home to face Missouri before the bye week. After the bye week – the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Florida. Those three and the following game versus Kentucky are the only three that matter. Georgia is fine.

Missouri isn’t dead – I just assume I’ll never see Maty Mauk again and we’ll know a lot more about Florida after their game again Ole Miss tonight. Oh, and Will Grier started for Florida. It was nice knowing you too, Treon Harris. Thanks for stopping in.

The road for Alabama is significantly tougher, but after today’s game everything should be a bit clearer. Texas A&M on October 17th, LSU on November 7th in Tuscaloosa, at Mississippi State on November 14th and the Iron Bowl in Auburn on November 28th. You can say whatever you want about Auburn, but the Iron Bowl is no joke.

It never is.

As Bird and I talked about a few weeks ago on the SEC 411, Alabama has never been able to find the stud quarterback who could just walk in and let the world know he’s in charge. I think Jake Coker made the case for himself today. He’s one of the key’s to Alabama’s success. Derrick Henry and Calvin Henry will carry the offense, and if the Tide’s defense continues today’s domination, Alabama won’t have to listen to anyone talk smack about their failing dynasty.

This fan perfectly sums up everyone’s feelings about Mark Richt and his performances in big games. I don’t think there was anything he could have done about today because Alabama had his number from the beginning, but the tweet is appropriate.

I believe tomorrow we’ll find that Alabama makes it way to at least number 7 and Georgia will probably land somewhere in 18-22 range depending on what happens to everyone else. Sure, they could be completely booted from the Associated Press Top 25, but who knows.

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