Welcome to Campus Pressbox 2.0

Things might look exactly the same or totally different depending on how you see this. If you look closely, there are things that are different. First and foremost, we’d like to acknowledge our former network – the More Than a Fan Digital Network – for giving us a home for the past two years and allowing those of us who deeply care about college sports a place to thrive. Now that it’s August, let me tell you about a few of things we’ve been working on over the summer:

The look

Did you notice anything different about this page in particular? Yep, we’re full screen, so no sidebar and no reading distractions. As a technical guy who cares about how fast webpages load, we took the unpopular path and removed most of the clutter we had on the sidebar or moved the needed parts to the bottom of the page.

The sidebar remains on the homepage with one item now and possibly more to come later this month.

We also dropped the ads. Well, most of them. The harsh reality of publishing content on the internet is that advertisements are part of the formula to keep most sites afloat. That doesn’t really work well at sites like Campus Pressbox. Our content is special and unique. More importantly I find it highly disrespectful to clutter your screens with advertisements. And to keep it 100% real, this site like most others in the Internet operates at a loss every month. Which means, I pay out of my own pocket to host this site and many of the other associated assets.

In a perfect world we line up sponsorship of some kind so the site is self-sufficient and then share any profits with the writers. I have a plan in the works, but I’m not ready to share this yet.

So in the interim period, you’ll see one ad. The ad next to the sites logo at the top will be the singular ad on the site. By reducing the number of ads and the cruft that comes with having items in the sidebar, the site should load significantly faster than it has. No, it still isn’t up to my standards, but it’s a good baseline.

The Pipeline

You may have noticed we’re now highlighting an area called ‘The Pipeline.’ It’s an area we’ve been tinkering around with for some time, but now we’re launching it. The Pipeline is our version of breaking news. While most of us are not reporters or serious journalists of any kind, we think it’s important to bring you the news as it happens. Mitch Gatzke (@GreatGatzke) will lead this effort. You can find these pipeline items from Mitch and his team here all the time.


For whatever reason, Mike (@pigskinopinion) still podcasts with me onceish per week. His availability is a lot more stable than mine are due to many commitments. You can catch all the episodes of Campus Pressbox here.

Seth (@SMerenbloom) and Bird (@Autull) will be returning in a few short weeks with the SEC 411. The SEC 411 (@_SEC411) is America’s favorite SEC podcast. I said it, therefore it’s true. If you aren’t listening, subscribe here.

We’re in the process of creating more audio content for your enjoyment. Most of these shows will demo on our SoundCloud page, so please listen and e-mail us feedback.

There’s more?

That’s enough for now, isn’t it? Thank you so much for reading our content. If you have great football opinions and are interested in writing for us, contact managing editor Seth Merenbloom  at seth.merenbloom@campuspressbox.com. No matter what your favorite school or conference is, we’d love to have a conversation with you.

Please, sign up for our newsletter below. We deliver it weekly during the season and whenever I have the energy to do the rest of the year.


If you have any questions at all, please e-mail me directly at damien.bowman@campuspressbox.com or you can reach the editorial team at editors@campuspressbox.com.

How many days until football starts?

Feature image courtesy of Don McCullough/Flickr.