Big Ten Links: How The Hell Do I Compete With Last Night?

Well, last night was a hell of a college basketball game. Neither team in the final is a member of the Big Ten, but congrats to Villanova and North Carolina for playing a national final that everyone will remember for probably the rest of their lives. For those of you into One Shining Moment, this is your moment of zen:

Harvey Perlman still hates Pelini; living in 2014

Remember Bo Pelini? He isn’t a fan of his old boss Harvey Perlman at Nebraska and apparently Perlman isn’t a fan of Pelini’s either. Perlman is retiring and when giving his final speech as chancellor of Nebraska-Lincoln, he couldn’t resist taking a shot at the former football coach:

“I’m not going to do a Bo Pelini.”

The audience laughed.

“Do you know what a Bo Pelini is?” Perlman continued. “It is defined in the urban dictionary as an expletive-laced rant expressing outrage on leaving a position you didn’t want anyway.

“Not going to do it.”

Bo Pelini is certainly in the right if someone asks him about his time at Nebraska and his relationship with Perlman, but Perlman is not in the right if he writes this into his speech. At some point, typically after like age 45, it’s time to be the bigger man and at least pretend you’re going to move on.

How do you leave your job after four months?

Ever start a new job and you hate it so much you can’t make it through probation? Apparently, that’s why Maryland’s defensive coordinator Scott Shafer is leaving the program after four months. Shafer cited personal reasons as the need for his departure, so I certainly hope all is right in his personal world, but is this the start of a troubling trend for new head coach DJ Durkin and the Terrapins? Hope not. After the disaster that was Randy Edsall the Terrapins cannot go back to anything resembling that nonsense.

Durkin and company have already answered the next question, ‘who will replace Shafer?’ If your answer was Kentucky special team’s coordinator Andy Buh, then you win $1,000. Buh leaving an SEC perennial bottom-feeder is good for him and hopefully a stabilizing force for Maryland. Good luck.

The Kahki King held his second Spring Game

It’s hard to believe it is time for spring football, but here we are. Michigan’s game was last Saturday and in a surprising and interesting move the Wolverine’s held the game at night. I have to imagine this is the first year the game was held at night as Michigan Stadium has only had lights for about five years, so this change is quite refreshing.

I’m not an X’s and O’s type of guy, but Tom Dienart of the Big Ten Network is, and here are his four observations from that game:

  1. It looks like Wilton Speight—yes, Wilton Speight—has emerged as the leader in the quarterback race to replace Jake Rudock.
  2. Running back Ty Isaac looks good.
  3. The defense looks VERY good.
  4. Michigan will have one of the best collections of tight ends in the Big Ten.

If you want more sights and sounds, ESPN’s Dan Murphy has you covered. Here are the Wolverine’s leaving the field after the game:

I really hope the Big Ten choses a television partner not named ESPN

I know the chances of the Big Ten signing a television deal with any network that isn’t ESPN is between slim and none, but I wish at the very least they’d consider all the possibilities. In my opinion, NBC offers the conference the best exposure for not only its mainline football and basketball games, but the broadcast network along with NBC Sports can augment those two sports as well as the non-revenue and Olympic sports. If NBC isn’t a viable option, again to me, the second best option is FOX. FOX is already a partner with the Big Ten in the Big Ten Network, so that relationship is built, but I think the Big Ten deserves its own place to shine. FOX also the primary broadcaster of Pac-12 games.

Do I think the conference should completely abandon ESPN? Of course not, but ESPN has primary rights or secondary rights holders’ agreements with every other Power Five conference and the Big Ten can shift some exposure in its favor by moving to NBC or FOX.

The Big Ten’s only big competition at NBC? Notre Dame.

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