Welcome to the new Campus Pressbox

Welcome to the refreshed Campus Pressbox. Most importantly, thanks to you for reading and thanks to the writers who are working their asses off at Campus Pressbox. We’ve previewed almost every bowl game this season which is something we’ve never done before. In fact, the only ones that are missing are the ones I was supposed to do. Feel free to make fun of me; it’s well deserved. Read all of the previews here if you haven’t already. With just a few bowl games left and the end of the college football season about 10 days away, we’re slowly making the transition into basketball. There have been tons of upsets already, and other drama already in the college basketball season. That said, we’ve teamed up with Four Lights FM, Bob McDonald and Jimmy Lemke to bring you the HoriZone Roundtable which is a podcast about the Horizon League. Also, on our own world famous Campus Pressbox podcast, Mitch Gatzke will take the reins to discuss college basketball on a national level.

What’s new at Campus Pressbox?

Now, let’s address the obvious: this site looks completely new. And hopefully for the better. We took our old look and threw it out the window. Literally…like I don’t even have the theme installed on the server anymore. Speaking of servers, we changed that also. For the longest time we were self-hosting at DigitalOcean, but as this site has grown and scaled the need for me to spend less time managing the back-end and writing has become greater, so we switched to Pantheon.

Pantheon is a WordPress managed hosting provider that hosts some of the largest and busiest websites on the Internet.

So our new theme is more responsive than our old theme and gives us a ton more layout options. In fact, this page is designed in a fashion that many of the other posts aren’t. I have so many more options with how I want to style my posts that it puts the last theme to shame.

What didn’t change?

Well, in August, I promised you that there would only be one ad per page, and that’s still true. While we have plans to make this site profitable for our writers, I don’t think that plan should include bombarding you with ads to get there. It’s unfair to you and the bandwidth that you pay for. We decided against making many of the changes we wanted because so many of our readers come from the mobile world. Your bandwidth is precious to you, and we don’t want to be the reason you go over your data cap each month. So, one ad, per page no matter what.

Anything else?

I think that’s it for now [footnote] I think Alabama just scored on Michigan State again. [/footnote]. Over the next several weeks we’ll be making small changes to the look and feel of this site, so excuse our dust as we clean up from construction. Again, thanks for reading, and if you have any concerns, e-mail me directly at damien.bowman@campuspressbox.com.

Have a great 2016

Damien Bowman

Photo: Vern/Flickr